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2005 chevy impala 3.4 overheating

ok so i have a doosy of a problem. i recently had an issue with my car overheating so i changed the thermostat. about 3 months later it happens again. i know i need a new tensioner arm but i decide to wait on it. i take it to a place and have the radiator flushed and the guy calls me back to the garage and says your belt fell off... i was like o man, so he showed me how it would slip off the tensioner and i said ok and put a new tensioner on. he called me back and said he found a new problem my crank shaft pully was wobbeling a little. i didnt have enough money to have him check it out further so he said he would just finish the flush and go from there. after he finished the flush he said there is still a problem with the heating on the car. he didnt know if the problem came from the pump, the t stat, or somthing like a sensor. and it would cost alot in research time for him to find the problem and fix it. so i am going to take it to another mechanic. i have replaced the pump about 2 years ago, i replaced the t stat about 3 times before the flush over about 1 years time, i replaced the stepper motors on the gauges since they went bad. and now im at a loss on what to do next. i just wish that click and clack would come fix my car :P


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    i was just told by another mechanic that the impeller in the pump might have gone bad again?
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    The impeller on that pump is virtually indestructable. I cant see one on a 3.1/3.4 going bad except leaking or bad bearing. Are the fans coming on? These engines are notorious for leaking intake gaskets.
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    not sure of the fans... would this cause the heater to not work? because that happens on occasion. when i rev the engine it will usually kick back on and cool the engine off
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    plus its an aftermarket pump i had installed a while back
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    Kick back on and cool the engine off? Not quite sure what yer after. Overheating? Or heater not providing heat? Heater blower motor not working? I believe the cooling fans should be coming on when engine reaches 222 degrees farenheit. What I can gather from what you have typed, it overheats and you have no heat? If so the first thing to do is quit slinging parts at it. Is it full of coolant? Does the coolant mysteriously disappear? How is the oil? Chances are, over the amount of time/mileage that you've neen dealing with an overheating engine, the head gaskets are probably done. It needs diagnosed, not more parts slung at it. I've read on this website that there are reputable shops listed, probably one in your neighborhood. Look em up.
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