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Wildlife -- and your car

edited November -1 in The Show
Got a question about your car and... dogs? Or cats? Or goats, snakes, birds, crabs, raccoons, geckos, bed bugs, mud chiggers, or Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches?

Well, good news! We're pleased to welcome Car Talk's new resident wildlife expert, Dr. Kieran Lindsey. We recently had a discussion with her, and posted some of the most common automotive-animal conundrums right here.

But... what other questions do you have? Got a burning issue about cockroaches coming from a clutch? Or something more mundane? Let us know -- Kieran and the gang at Car Talk Plaza will be watching, and doing our best to give you answers. And, unlike the answers from our humble hosts, we promise you they'll be something a bit more than a wild guess about wildlife.

Yours in bed bugs and Buicks,

The Lackeys of Car Talk Plaza


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