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Power Steering Fluid, owner's manual calls for Dexron II or III, what else is acceptable?

Car: 2007 Toyota Corolla.

The power steering fluid is a little low. I'm going to do more than just fill it up--I'm going to use a turkey baster and suck up what's in the reservoir and then replace nearly the entire content of the reservoir with a fresh power steering fluid. I intend now to do this procedure every oil change as this will keep the fluid replenished to some extent. I also believe that this only replaces about 1/5 of the power steering fluid in the system. Well, 1/5 every oil change seems all right since the owner's manual doesn't actually call for a replacement interval anyway.

Here's the question: Dexron II is impossible to find, III is rare. What else is acceptable?

Is Toyota Type-IV ATF fluid also acceptable? It's what I use in the automatic transmission. Is Dexron VI good too?

I don't want to mess up and use the wrong fluid.


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