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Tell Us Your Favorite Auto App

Got a favorite car-related app? Something you use for navigation? Maintenance and repair? Road Trip Planning? Keeping busy during a ride? Donut locating?

We're creating a guide to the top car-related apps, and we need your suggestions.

iPhone? iPad? Android? We don't care. Which car-related apps do you actually use, and why? You can define "car-related" as broadly as you like. Even my brother's "daily rust tracker" app would count.

Share your suggestions here.

In a week or two, we'll publish the results.


  • edited December 2010
    aCar is what I use to track fill-ups and repairs.
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    When we go on car and motorcycle trips with friends we use an iPhone app called Trip Splitter which lets you very easily and quickly enter shared expenses and who paid. At the end of the trip the app tells you the simplest payments to get even.
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    Droid/Google Maps and voice navigation. Amazingly powerful, and the speech recognition really works. The traffic/satellite layers are superb. I gave away my Garmin Nuvi after they wanted $169 or something just to update the maps.
  • edited December 2010
    I have noticed that the info on the Navigation app on my Droid X is outdated. The symbol is a blue arrowhead, pointing upwards on the screen. It sent me to a chain restaurant that had been closed for at least two years rather than the new one, that has been open for over two years, a few blocks away. Is there another/better navigation app for the Droid?

    The last time I checked into updating my nuvi 350 they wanted $70. I didn't do it. Now I can buy a brand new one with more bells and whistles, and I assume up-to-date info, for $159.
  • edited December 2010
    There is a great app for the iPhone called Audiobooks that has thousands of free audiobooks to listen to. Perfect for the long road trip.
  • edited December 2010
    I like Trapster. Its a "crowd-sourced" speed trap reporting system. Its integrated with Google Maps so it also includes the Google Maps' traffic flow information. The quality of the speed trap information relies on user participation, so it works better in more populated areas. You should also have a good mobile mount for your device if you plan to report traps so you can tap the right buttons without too much distraction. Fortunately, in my car I can tap the screen without taking either hand off of the steering wheel.

    I also like Global Real Time Traffic & Radar. Its also a crowd sourced information application.
  • edited December 2010
    What's An App ? I Don't Go In For That Kinky Stuff !

  • edited December 2010
    I use the free app "MPG tracker" to keep track of my mileage and money paid for gas.
  • edited December 2010
    I use MileBug to track my business and charitable miles. As a consultant who visits the same 2-3 clients each week, I've found it to be very handy. It remembers favorite/frequent trips classified by business or charitable and calculates the deductible expense. You can send an excel-readable report to your email every so often.
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    I found a cool app on a recent trip to the DC area. It's called Brad & Jays Getaways Washington DC. It's a tour guide book app that had a lot of cool places in and around the nations capital. The nice part is on the way there the kids were able to read the write ups about the places and decide where they wanted to see in person. It doesn't have navigation or a bunch of social network connections, but it's got good info and it's definitely worth a look. I think they have another one too, but I can't remember where it's for.
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