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Steep Driveway

I'm hoping that someone can resolve an argument that my husband and I are having. Our house has an exceptionally steep driveway -- so steep that we couldn't get our Toyota Avalon up it without bottoming out at the bottom. We recently traded in our Avalon for a Honda Fit. Because the Fit is so short, it does't bottom out at the bottom of the driveway and can make it all the way up so it can be parked in the garage. However, it's got a small engine, and it really struggles, even though we only drive it up in 1st gear. If there are more than two people in the car, the car actually stalls partway up. I think this can't possibly be good for the engine, and we should just give up and park in the street. My husband thinks it doesn't hurt the engine, and it's worth it to keep the car garaged. Any ideas / suggestions?


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