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Car runs rough when cold

Hello all,
<br/> I purchased a used 1997 Honda Accord 4 door EX V6. At first the car ran fine. After months I noticed that if I didn't warm the car for several minutes, it will run a little rough for a few miles (3). Once the car was warmed up it ran great. I live in a hot climate.
<br/> The symptoms include almost a misfire, rough performance, lack of power. I changed the oil, check the plugs and put a new air cleaner, rotor and distributor cap. This improved the overall performance of the car once it is warmed up. I checked the resistance on the plug wires and the range from from 7k Ohms to 17k Ohms.
<br/> What could be causing this poor performance when cold?
<br/> Thank you for your time.


  • edited November 2010
    You may have a faulty engine temp sensor which could be sending the wrong signal.

    Instead of sending a 'cold engine' signal, it may be sending a warm/hot engine one not allowing a proper mixture of fuel/air for a cold start/warm up.
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