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2004 Grand Prix - ABS/Traction Control Problem won't stop

I have been having this issue in driver front side since Feb. 2010. I've had the ABS sensor and bearing in this wheel replaced twice; also all 4 wheels' brake pads, rotors and caliphers replaced; parking brake replaced. My mechanic (not dealer) is master mechanic and has 3 other mechanics in a forum working on this - no luck yet. Also there was an issue with wiring for the AC compressor which run beside/near the sensor - it was worn and mechanic thought it was arcing over and making sensor go off. I get lights daily, plus the grinding/grabbing of the brakes. Does anyone think this might be computer malfunction, i.e. sending false signal to ABS system? My mechanic is going to try to find used one to see if it helps. Any suggestions by anyone would be so appreciated. About to drive it off a cliff and I live in North TX - no cliffs nearby! thanks!


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