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2005 Ford Taurus automatic slips from 1st into 2nd gear

The first time I noticed it was about a year ago when driving from Atlanta to Miami after stopping at the toll booth and then stepping on the gas again. The car almost "jumped" forward when it shifted from first into second gear. That happened twice on that trip. All this time, although driving long-distance, it did not happen again until last month. Now occasionally it happens again after I come to a stop at a traffic light or elsewhere and then step on the gas again the transmission slips from first into second gear. The car is a 2005 Ford Taurus SEL, has approx. 112,800 miles on it (been driving mainly long-distances), and I am curious whether I need to purchase a used car as I cannot afford $3,000 for a new transmission (neither can I afford to purchase a used car at this time - we've been using the car to drive to long-distance interviews last year when my husband and I both lost our jobs). I talked to a shop and they told me about transmission additives - I looked some up online and could not really find anything useful or good about them.
<br/> Any recommendations from you guys? The car really needs to last another year....


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    Our main recommendation would be not to drive with a slipping transmission for for a whole year.

    Transmssions are quite rugged when they are properly adjusted and have fresh fluid. When was the last time the fluid and filter were changed?

    Your best bet is to get an honest evaluation from a reputable independent shop first. If a fluid and filter change with adjustment is feasible, that might be your least expensive solution. No one here will recommend somthing you pour into the transmission, since these things just do not work.

    If you absolutely have no money or access to credit, you have no choice but to gently keep driving the car until the transmission gives out, and then hopefully you have $3000 for a rebuild. You can't buy anything reliable for $3000, so I would not even think about another used car.

    The age and mileage of your car is not high; so it's worth fixing properly.
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    There's a Technical Service Bulletin for your vehicle that addresses the problem you're describing. The intermediate piston seal can delaminate from the piston inside the transmission causing a delayed shifting or slipping in 1st & 2nd gear. The fix is to replace the piston with it's new seal.

    If money's short, and you want to try to get another year out of the vehicle, then you might try adding K & W TransX to the transmission fluid. This is the only transmission fluid additive I've used that brought a tranny back to life when I thought it was on it's way out.


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    To be honest, I do not remember the last time the fluid and filter were changed... We usually had regular checks, all fluids and filters checked.... my hubby took care of that but I cannot find any documentation as we usually went either to Pep Boys or Jiffy Lube. But changing the fluid at this time with 113,000 miles on it, isn't that a bit risky? I know I read that I should NOT do a transmission flush at this stage.... As for the money part, when we lost our jobs, we lost our house as well as we were unemployed for over 1.5 years so you can only imagine the financial situation. We are just now trying to get back on our feet with my husband being back in the military somewhere in the south Pacific.

    Would you recommend AAMCO? I've been reading up that some people's car would not even shift anymore after they had work done on the transmission (not by AAMCO but in general) - scary thought as I am depending on this vehicle which has been so far pretty reliable. I bought it used in 2007 with approx. 50,000 miles on it.
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    <b>"we usually went either to Pep Boys or Jiffy Lube"</b>

    Jiffy Lube is one of the worst places to get your car serviced.
    Chain shops in general are suspect.
    Expect ~20 other people to chime in and say the same thing.

    <b>"changing the fluid at this time with 113,000 miles on it, isn't that a bit risky?"</b>

    It's a myth that fresh fluid can damage a transmission. The damage was already done.
    Don't get a flush. Just get the pan dropped, filter changed and refilled with Ford fluid.
    Again, expect many more posts elaborating on this point.

    AAMCO = All Automatics Must Come Out.

    If you go to and click on "find a mechanic" you can maybe find an independent shop with good reviews.
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    Don't go to AAMCO or any other Chain, such as Cottman, etc. An independent transmission shop is your best bet.

    Also, see Tester's note on a possible Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) on this transmission. A knowledgeable shop might be able to make a repair.

    Agree with you that a Flush is not a good idea, but draining the fluid and changing the filter is what should be done every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.
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    The ONLY additive I would ever put into an automatic is called Lube-Gard. All transmissions which cross my bench leave the shop with Lube-Gard red in it. I would service this trans first and add a bottle of Lube-Gard in the RED bottle. Stay away from all those other additives especially Lucas products. That gooey Lucas junk is a PIA for a transmission builder to get out of a trans during overhaul. And with your transmission????? Your transmission is a complicated one to build, with an ungodly amount of parts in it. I have the pleasure of building 3 or 4 of these every month. I cant stand that Lucas stuff mostly because it messes up my vats. Try the service with the Lube Gard in it and see if that doesnt straighten out your 1-2 issue. Let us know what happens.

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    I have a 2001 Focus with the same problem. I went on the internet and found that MANY people with a Focus for the past 5 years have this same problem. One site I went to said this:
    "I'm post #60 and was just reviewing the site as I was reading the service manual. Might be the transimssion oil temperature sensor. If the sensor has failed in some odd way, my guess is that this could happen. This sensor is located in the tranny oil pan, under the transmission filter. The sensor can be checked by use of an ohm meter. See below...

    This is out of the manual:
    Transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor
    The TFT sensor is located on the internal wiring harness to the solenoid valves in the fluid pan.
    It is a resistor and measures the transmission fluid temperature.
    The transmission fluid temperature is used by the PCM for the following functions:
    Applying the torque converter clutch is not permitted until the transmission fluid reaches a certain temperature, engagement of 4th gear is prevented in extreme sub-zero temperatures until the normal operating temperature is reached,
    if the transmission fluid temperature is excessive, a pre-set fixed shift curve is selected and the torque converter lock-up clutch is closed in "2", "3" and "4"; of the transmission warning indicator is activated.

    Resistance between transaxle vehicle harness connector pin 5 (component side, transaxle internal harness), and transaxle vehicle harness connector pin 4 (component side, transaxle internal harness).
    Resistance should be approximately in the following ranges:
    -20 ? C (-4 ? F) - 236Kohms - 317Kohms
    0 ? C (32 ? F) - 83.2Kohms - 107Kohms
    20 ? C (68 ? F) - 33.5Kohms - 41.2Kohms
    40 ? C (104 ? F) - 14.6Kohms - 17.6Kohms
    60 ? C (140 ? F) - 7.08Kohms - 8.01Kohms
    80 ? C (176 ? F) - 3.61Kohms - 4.06Kohms
    100 ? C (212 ? F) - 1.96Kohms - 2.20Kohms
    120 ? C (248 ? F) - 1.13Kohms - 1.25Kohms
    130 ? C (266 ? F) - 0.87Kohms - 0.96Kohms

    Pin numbers as looking at the connector on top of tranny with lock tab on top:
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9

    Good luck, let us know what happens,
    iamech "

    Any comments on this possibility? Manofallseasons
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    Thank you all very much for your responses although I have to admit that some sound "Chinese" to me, LOL. Evidentially, I am not a technical person although I'd love to take classes in a repair shop to learn more about it. I grew up in Europe and believe it or not, they do have those kind of classes, very interesting!

    Anyhow, I will look for the the additive in the RED bottle and also will print out the very last ocmment. I called around outside Atlanta to see whether there are any shops that are specialized in transmissions .... not too many to be honest and I got them from the cartalk website. A lot of the comments for the shops are from the stone age! But one of the guys also asked me whether it is temperature related... well, I do not know. As a matter of fact, the outside temperature this past weekend was just wonderful, no heatwave no heat index of 110 degrees and it did happen but sure enough now I do know that he meant the temperature of the transmission fluid. I am sure you guys get a blast from my so-called knowledge... sigh.

    Anyhow, have an appoointment hopefully with one guy Saturday in a week - hopefully he will still be open that day as he is usually not open on the weekends.
    Manofallseasons, I went online at first as well to google 2005 Ford Taurus transmission problems... good grief! A ton of people with the problems and a lot of them said that Ford actually knows there is a faulty piece in the transmission but they would not recall it. I am curious to hear your thoughts. I can actually consider myself lucky as my car did not stop in the middle of the road yet (better knock on wood quickly here) with between 70-80,000 miles. Not sure if that is due to driving the car long distance?
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    You are right. There are a ton of people who are having this same problem. I wish I knew how to organize them all for a class action suit! Since this has been going on for years, I think Ford should come clean!

    Let me know if you find anything out when you take your car in. I lost my job a year ago and if my car breaks down, I'll be riding a cycle in the snow up here in Wisconsin. You can write to me directly if you want at Thanks for keeping this going.
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    Two totally different transmissions...

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