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VW Jetta Battery drain

I have a 2001 VW Jetta V6. For s about two years my car has been draining batteries every 8 or nine months.VW says the voltage draw with the car off should be between 40 to 50 mila amps. My mechanics say my car is drawing 50, and have thrown up their hands, and told me I have batteries for life. Dosen't help when your stuck somewhere with a dead battery. Went away for seven days, 3 month old battery DEAD!


  • edited July 2010
    You need someone to do a little better investigation. Many times it is a charging problem (note I did not say alternator, I said charging problem, it may be other things) or it may be too high a drain Frankly I think 50 ma is a bit high. Note: The car may use power for several things for a new minutes to hours after the engine is shut off. Even then there is a small drain all the time.
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