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Help us create an auto-vocabulary

Have you ever experienced "Subris?" That's Walt Webert's suggestion for a new, automotively-inspired word, that's a cross between "Subaru" and "Hubris." In Walt's words:

Subris (n) (rhymes with hubris) - the excessive pride which causes one to drive their Subaru off the road on a snowy day, thinking they could drive as fast as they want since they have all wheel drive. Victims of Subris generally lose any respect they had earned among passersby for having a great car.

Most of us have seen Subris in action at one time or another... and more than a few of us (you know who you are!) have experienced it at their own hands.

Got any other automotively-inspired terms? We'd love to hear them!

Tom and Ray

Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers


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    Camaro-isma (n) - The boost in sheer, unadulterated animal magnetism that young men hope to obtain when they make their first vehicle purchase an affordably priced sports car. Rampant in small towns, Ohio, and other places stuck in the 1980's.

    PerpLexus (n) - the disconcerting feeling you get when you realize your gas pedal has stopped responding to the gentle nudges of your Prada clad foot.

    Priusness (n) (rhymes with piousness) - the smug sense of self satisfaction felt by hybrid vehicle owners as they zip from the nearest $3.00 a latte Starbucks to their local Purse Dog Beauty Salon.

    By Garrett Grolemund of Orlando, FL
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    Subris? What does Walt drive?
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    Priupism - medical term for Prius superiority complex - manifests as driving 55mph in the left lane.

    Volvoid - The place where all the Volvo repair money goes.

    Sneesuzu - Bless you. Car Company names that sound like sneezes, Isuzu, Suzuki, Volvo.

    IndeFIATigable - The belief of Fiat owners they need to keep them running forever.

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    Oldsmobility (n) = The slow and cautious driving method employed by seniors on their way to and from the grocery store.

    Mercedes-Bends (n) = A painful and potentially debilitating condition caused by the formation of nitrogen bubbles in the blood, the direct result of purchasing an outrageously expensive German car. Tends to flare up every 30 days or so, typically just before sending in the monthly car payment.

    Expeditionism (n) = A condition characterized by a deep-seated need to expose others to your $40,000, gaz-guzzling, environmentally degrading behemoth.
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    This is not exactly a auto-vocabulary submission, but I was in a parking lot the other day and saw a car with a MENSA sign on it, telling the world that the driver was in the top two standard deviations of intelligence above the norm. I made up a sign saying DENSA (two standard deviations below the norm) and put it in my back window.
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    How about "Baby on Bored". Got nothing better to do that tell the world you are able to reproduce.
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    slOwldsmobile , A blue hair peering under the steering wheel yet over the dash, usually driving 15mph. Pinkard and Bowden link, blue hairs driving in my lane (take off of Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain), ps that was my grandmother.
    Caution C&W
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    Volksy- adjective - referring to the kind, organic food, green movement, broom stick skirt, flower carrying type of life style often associated with Volkswagon owners.
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    Honduh: that boring feeling you get from driving a Honda. Also can refer to the driver that chooses to rice out his vehicle
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    We audi drivers suffer from an affliction similar to Subris known as quatrover confidence.
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