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Do you use your phone while you drive?



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    Actually, airplanes *do* land themselves. Google for "auto landing." It's a pretty standard feature on airliners these days.
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    All research suggests that driving while using a cell phone, hands on or hand free, is an added risk to personal and public safety. As a fossil without a cell phone I can tell you that EVERY day I run into some self-absorbed jerk(s) driving while on their phones. The amount of problems this causes and the anger and anxiety created has made my daily commute a nightmare. I just can't understand what is so important that people are willing to risk their lives and everyone else's for a meaningless conversation! It is time for people to remember that the laws of physics indeed do apply to them, that driving is a privilege with enormous civic responsibilities that can be taken away, and finally, THEY are not the center of the universe. I have attached three links to consider about this topic and pray people will stop denying they are part of the problem and please, please stop using your phone while piloting a 3 to 5 thousand pound bullet!

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    No, I don't use my cell phone while I drive. If I must, then I will find a place to pull over first and stop. I think talking on the phone while driving is endangering my life as well as other drivers and pedestrians.
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    yeah, but only on an empty highway when my passenger can take care of answering the phone. i use earphones and inform the other person that i am driving and might tune them out to pay attention.

    i also talk on my cell phone when cycling. i pull over to answer, put my earphones in, then bike around slowly. i figure it's ok since i am only going to kill myself if it distracts me.

    i NEVER talk on the phone in the city. i'll pull over and talk if i think i need to take the call.

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    No. I don't even like to have a conversation with someone in the car while I'm driving.
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    Not quite ten years ago, I had a cell phone for a year. When I tried to talk and drive simultaneously, I found that I couldn't do either task well as usual. Today, I often receive calls from people who are on their cell phones while driving. They don't function very well either.
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    Occasionally I will answer a call, and I know that I am distracted when doing so, I prefer to pull over and talk or dismiss the call. Anyone remember when you got a call you did not have to ask where are you calling from? It used to be a person called you you knew they were at home. I have been behind enough bad drivers that I say gosh on a cellphone, what a coincidence, and they are not kids but urban housewives, the same ones that think yellow is green. Sorry friend in hospital due to red light runner. IMHO No Cell phones, and there are distracted drivers I end up following and all I can wonder is how much can there be to talk about?
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    Depends on who is calling and even then only with headset. Am buying radio bluetooth kit before moving.
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    It's not the mechanics of using a phone that causes the distraction, It's the conversation.
    No. I don't phone and drive.
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    I do but not long drawn out conversations. Ive even forgotten I was on the phone while I had to swerve out of the way of someone who cut me off and ended up picking the phone back up like 5 minutes later at the next light.
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