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Do you use your phone while you drive?



  • edited January 2010
    Honestly, yes I have and will. I will answer the cell phone if I judge the driving situation to be not too demanding (interstate cruising, for example) or if my wife is in the car I'll hand the ringing phone to her. If it's in town traffic, then I'll let it go to voice mail or answer and pull over. It's a situational decision. I will not originate calls while driving, and I certainly would not text (not that I use texting anyway).

    If it's a call that demands a lot of my attention I *will* pull over and stop, and I have said, "hold on" and thrown the phone down to handle some driving task that cropped up.
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    I'll answer a call while I've driving, but I immediately look for a safe place to pull over to continue the call. If I'm on a divided highway or in traffic I'll just say "I can't talk at the moment, I'll call you back when I get safe".
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    Under advice from my attorney, I respectfully refuse to answer that question on the grounds it may tend to incriminate me.
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    Recently the powers to be have determined that laws prohibiting hand held cell phone use did not reduce accidents.

    Faster than you can read this message the news media had change it to something like cell phones have been proven safe to use in a car. Totally ignoring the fact that the law likely did not save lives because it did not reduce cell phone use in cars.
  • edited January 2010
    NO. It's too dangerous. I've been driving 2 hours a day for the past 20 years. It's pretty scary the things I see nowadays. I wish I had a camcorder to prove to those who say, "Oh! but I can do both and drive fine!" that they really can't. On the highway, I've seen people driving on the shoulder, NOT driving between the lines, holding up traffic in the left line by driving slowly (causing everyone to pass on the right), to say the least. And, the driving between the lines thing? These people could be driving a Geo Metro and not drive between the lines. Worst case scenario: I once saw a young girl doing 80mph and texting. I can't believe she didn't hit anyone, as she took up 2 lanes of the road.

    I am baffled at the number of people (this includes a large number of elderly people, BTW) who drive chatting on their cell phones during a snowfall (read: not a blizzard). These people are doing 5 miles per hour on local roads when a higher speed could suffice for the conditions. I just don't believe people taking driving as a serious responsibility, that they could kill someone with their 2+ ton vehicle. I am not a perfect driver--in fact, I was in court for a ticket and met a man who proclaimed, "I got a cell phone ticket, but I need to use the phone for my job." What did these people do before the 1990s?

    I agree, the only thing that may change this is better driver education. Or, maybe, a law that could be termed, "one strike and you're out." People are too self-absorbed to worry about other people while driving. I'm sorry, folks, but IMHO a phone call is not necessary to take while driving.
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    I still say in 20~30 years, the cars will be driving themselves, no human involvement except to tell it where they want to go.
  • edited February 2010
    Now there's a scary thought. There's a reason airplanes don't land themselves.

    I have to admit, however, that with GPS systems becoming pinpoint accurate and automated systems such as the distance-measuring/automatic-braking system that Mercedes has, along with all the other new technology including "smart" navigation systems in the world of weaponry, what you're suggesting is becoming less within the realm of science fiction and more within the realm of possible.
  • edited February 2010
    I think Caddy, or maybe Buick has the smart cruise feature, Acura might also. Is it just Volvo that has the collision detection braking feature?
  • edited February 2010
    Can you speak a little louder, I have the window down and have a hard time hearing you!!
  • edited February 2010
    Yes, but my calls last less then a min and I've let it ring if I felt it wasn't safe to talk, I have also hung up my phone when I encounter traffic, but then again I live in ND and I don't pass or see much traffic.

    My opinion is subject to change with new facts.
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