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car has very loud engine noise / exhaust pipe issue? muffler issue?

My car recently started making a loud engine noise when I drive it or start the engine, even when I am idling. It sounds like a sports car. Usually it revs and idles quietly.
<br/> I took it to the dealer and they said I had a crack in the exhaust pipe. They said I would need a whole new exhaust pipe assembly and 2 exhaust gaskets.
<br/> I don't know how big the crack is.
<br/> Do I really need a whole new exhaust pipe assembly? Is this something that can be repaired with a weld? What do you recommend and what experiences have you had with this?
<br/> What kind of cost would a repair be?


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    Different people are going to jump different directions on problems like this. I am guessing an exhaust pipe on a Lexus is going to be expensive, right?

    Yet, anything to do with the exhaust system can involve carbon monoxide entering the car, which is really ungood. I tend to jump the direction which says bit the bullet and fix the exhaust system correctly for your safety. Others may disagree.
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    I have an RX300 that had both studs break that hold the O2 sensor (under driver seat) to exhaust pipe. This leave a 1" "hole" that will make a bunch of noise. Easy to fix with 2 U-clamps, and some high temp gasket material. Dealer only wants to replace the cat. You'll have to to find a local repair shop to do this.
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    There is a reason your pipe failed so just "patching" it will be a temporary fix at best. Get the exhaust system properly repaired. You and your passengers will be much safer in the wintertime when your windows are all closed. Carbon monoxide is a very bad thing.
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