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Front End Shake When Braking

2000 Subaru Legacy with 85K. When I go to brake from speeds above 45 mph, my front tires wobble heavily from the moment I first touch the brake until the pads firmly engage the disks. I'm thinking this is a dead give away for something. What?


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    Warped front brake rotors. Time for a brake job.

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    "Warped" disc rotors. You'll likely need to replace them since they probably can't be turned and even if they could would likely be too thin and leave you with the same thing before long.

    But you should also have your front end checked over as well - this kind of shaking can be made worse or even originate from worn front end parts.
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    Yes, it's a dead giveaway. The front brake rotors are probably warped. Have then checked to be sure. The run-out can be measured.

    If they're warped, don't have the "turned," as they will then be too thin and will quickly warp again. Replace them with new rotors.

    Then have the wheel alignment checked, too, to make sure it's OK.
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    Don't most Leagacys have disc brakes at all 4 wheels? If so, you never know, the culprit could be the rear discs. If the steering wheel shimmies as you brake, though, that indicates the front discs are warped. You said your front tires wobble, though. That must mean the steering wheel is shimmying, too. OK, most likely front discs are warped.
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