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Car is jerking when going up hills and accelerating?

So when I am driving along and the vehicle is in top gear and I begin to go up a hill and the car needs to downshift to maintain the speed it begins to jerk around like it is having trouble downshifting. Also sometimes when sitting at a red light or stop sign the vehicle jerks a little. It will sometimes also have trouble taking off from a stop when I accelerate quickly; it is again a little jerky. I took it to the shop and they said there are no ?codes? on the transmission and they could not replicate the jerking when they took it out. It is a 2002 mercury sable LS with about 82000 miles on it. Anybody have any ideas what it may be so I can suggest it to the mechanic?


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    Automatic or manual transmission?

    Have the spark plugs been replaced? Do you know if the mileage may have gone down?
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    I just bought the vehicle so I am not sure if the spark plugs have been changed or if there has been a change in mileage. It is an automatic.
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    I think I'm first thinking along the same lines as Mr. Meehan - my first guess would be misfiring rather than a transmission problem. And I'd start with a new set of plugs and wires, a check of the air filter, and a new fuel filter.
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    I did just replace the air filter last week. I am taking it in to the dealership tomorrow and will let them know what you suggested.

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    Do you really want to go to the dealership for some reason? Any reputable, local, independent mechanic can work on this car - and probably for a lot less $$.
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    The dealership will be doing the work for free. Like I said I just purchased the vehicle two weeks ago, so they are willing to work out any issues I may have.
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    ahhh...that makes sense. Make sure that you keep a good paper trail - I'd even take notes on conversations. If things drag out long enough you'll eventually find "their problem" blending into "your problem."
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    Spark plugs perhaps, or it could be the fuel pump going bad.

    things to have them do:
    all fluid changed(oil, transmission, etc), spark plugs and wires, air and fuel filter, and anything else mentioned in the owner's manual for the miles on the car.
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    I'd bet that a set of spark plugs, spark plug wires, and a new cap & rotor will cure this jerking. Rocketman
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    Change the FUEL FILTER first and see what happens..
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