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ABS 2 wheel vs ABS 4 wheel

Dear Tom and Ray, I am researching the purchase of a used car and find some years & models have 2 wheel ABS and some have 4 wheel. In auto blogs there seem to be those who think the 2 wheel is fine and others who do not.
<br/> I would love to know what you two recommended!
<br/> Thank you, Crostini


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    Truthfully, I have never seen 2-wheel ABS on cars. This was common on pickup trucks for several years, however.

    Please tell us which makes and models of cars you have seen with 2 wheel ABS.
    Are you sure that a PT Cruiser has only 2 wheel ABS?

    P.S. Incidentally, it is not necessary to post the same question three times.
    P.P.S. Tom and Ray do not respond to questions in this thread.
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    I remember pick-up trucks years ago had 2-wheel ABS to prevent the rear wheels from locking, but I can't recall any automobiles with 2-wheel ABS.

    There are cars with disc brakes on two wheels (front), and cars with disc brakes on all four wheels, but I've never heard of a car with 2-wheel ABS.
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    I had a 1995 Dodge Dakota pickup that came with 2 wheel ABS standard, 4 wheel ABS was an option at the time. As the other poster stated, it was to keep the rear wheels from locking up during hard braking. I do not know of any cars with 2 wheel ABS.

    Ed B.
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