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Solar Flares and Old Cars?

So I read this fiction book recently about a massive solar flare that basically fries everything electronic on the planet (apparently this is not THAT far fetched scientifically and historically). So I wondered...are there any old cars that would not be vulnerable to this?


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    A diesel would probably be your best option in that scenerio.
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    sounds like somebody read war of the worlds...
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    That's some flare *and* in exactly the right place. I bet your garaged car would be just fine.
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    Don't worry about your car. You will never see it have a problem due to solar flares. It might be damaged, but you will be dead first. :-)
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    Are you thinking of making the resistance too solar flares one of the items on your list to look for in choosing your next car? being prepared is OK but not in this way
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    The Stanley Steamer will probably be fine, but be careful because the traffic signals probably wont be working.
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    Awesome..I love all your responses. Especially about the Stanley Steamer signals...HA!!

    Let me clear up a couple things and maybe expand this topic.
    1. Solar Flares happen all the time of course, but they are usually small enough to have a nominal effect on things. But historically, large enough flares occur every few hundred years that are large enough to fry every electric circuit on the planet unless it were in an underground bunker. It's just that the last one that occurred of this size was pre-electricity, circuitry, etc... but not large enough to destroy the atmosphere as in the recent movie "Knowing", and thus killing...well..everything (sounds like Mr. Meehan saw it too). The book that best represents the former scenario I read is "Solar Flare by Larry Burkett" (no aliens, sorry totallytempo). So a garage "might" work but for kicks I'm assuming a larger flare.

    This is purely an academic exercise, I'm not planning the purchase of my next vehicle on this...unless the 50 something truck I've always thought would be neat to have would also be "solar flare proof".

    I guess what I'm wondering from those of you with more engineering knowledge than, is what year/generation of vehicles do not have micro-chips, electrical systems, etc.? When vehicles had points, and brushes and such would that still be electrical and thus vulnerable?
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    Why is that?
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    This has been a fun, if somewhat morose, intellectual exercise for my wife and I also discussing all the other implications this type of even could bring. But I don't understand your last sentence. Why would being prepared in this way not be OK?
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    FYI: The only truly known viable option are horses and buggies and even if a generation of vehicles existed that were not affected their use would be limited as gas supplies ran out. I just don't care to own horses right now. LOL
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