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Auto Parts Markup?

Recently, I had needed front and rear brake pads and a rear rotor. The auto repair shop used Napa parts which are OKAY with me, but when I compared the price the auto repair shop charged for the parts vs the Napaonline website, the auto shop was 40% higher. Of course I called them back and when questioned, they stated that they provide a parts & labor warranty - even though that is not anywhere on the bill for 12-18 months. The auto repair shop said that if the brakes fail, they will replace the parts include the labor for free.
<br/> The other thing the auto repair store stated is that they charged 'list price' and the price I am seeing online is the 'over the counter' price.
<br/> Am I being ripped off? Do all repair shops increase parts costs by 40%? FOr example, online the front brake pads cost $48.19, but I was charged $82.96.
<br/> Thank you


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    You weren't ripped off. Many or most auto repair shops sell the parts to you at a mark up. Each shop sets their own mark up, and many use the "list price" as one you are charged. Pretty much a standard practice.

    Look at the total price, not just the parts mark up, and quality of service rendered. I am surprised that the shop doesn't print their warranty information somewhere on their invoice, however.
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    It is normal for a shop to mark up prices. It can be anywhere from 20% to 100% depending on the shop.

    If they quoted you a price for parts/labor and you approved it, you have no recourse. You were not ripped off. You should have questioned the price before not after the repairs were completed.
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    This is normal. All shops do it. And, while I haven't checked into it, I imagine that the internet has forced Napa to cut it's on-line prices to stay competitive, so that the repair shop may not get the substantial discount it used to, resulting in the large apparent markup.
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    Yes, they did call with the price and I approved it. But the price provided was for the overall work, not a breakdown between labor and parts. Is this something that should be asked?

    I understand that there is no recourse, I am just trying to understand the comment about the warranty. On the NAPA site, it states as long as the parts are installed by a Napa Auto Care Center, then the 12 month warranty applies. It does not state that I have to pay a different price.
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    Thank you. It is interesting to note that the repair shop did state that they paid less for the parts than listed online. I am just trying to get my hands around this warranty thing....
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    All parts are marked up for resale reletive to what what the SHOP paid for them. You did not buy your parts from napa , they did. And if they paid to napa the same price you could have they still will mark it up. Basic business practice.
    Ford parts are marked up to reflect a 40% Retained Gross Profit and when outside parts are procured they are marked up only 30% r.g.p.

    I don't know what business you're in nor how you make profit for your paycheck, but even if the dollars spent are high, no one stays in business at 0% retained profit.

    DO NOT attempt to rebut that you could have got them for less elsewhere. You didn't ! If that's where you wish to get your car repaired then go there, it's a free enterprise country. At the end of the day , mechanics cannot go to the grocery store nor pay their rent with a hand shake and a pat on the back.
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    The way it worked some 30+ years ago was.....A independent would buy the part from NAPA (or who-ever) at a DISCOUNTED price you and I could NOT get. Then they'd mark up the price and the final price usually was close to what you and I would pay if we walked in off the street to buy. I know many independents still get this discount...but from what I've seen recently in this forum...either

    A) The discount is no where near what it use to be...OR
    B) Some independents are now marking up the price some 50 to 100%...

    Many independents will let you supply the parts. They won't guarantee the part, but they'll guarantee the labor.
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    Thank you all for your replies. I must not have been very clear in my question and apologize for that, but I was really just trying to understand the warranty vs 'list price' vs 'over the counter' statement.

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    Based on what you said, the parts warranty is there, per the NAPA site. If there is a parts issue, then you may need to remind the mechanic that the warranty is still in effect, to gain the needed warranty satisfaction. The labor warranty is whatever the shop's policy is. Sometimes it varies; some offer a strict 90 day warranty on all their repairs; others offer longer terms.
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    just had new rotors and ceramic brake pads installed.
    last week.the markup was 20%.
    this paticular mechanic usually charges 30% mark up.he
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