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Well, I had my car in for service - oil change and check up 3 days ago. No driving from them to now when I went to the store and it began pausing like spitting and spurting. I stopped right away and checked the oil, which barely showed on the dip stick, so added 1, checked level, still the same and so added a 2nd. Still the same, just a bit on the end of dip stick. But the oil light was not on. I noted there were 2 wet spots under my car on the garage floor to begin with. Hoped just condensation. The 'spitting and spirting' stopped and I continued to my destination about 15 kms away. Then it began again. I noticed the temp gage was already at the half way point and then suddenly when giving gas, white smoke began to come out of the tail pipe. So I coasted as far as possible since in the middle of nowhere without giving gas, but the oil light came on and the car instantly shut itself off. (a safety feature). What the heck is happening? I flagged a ride and of course had it towed all the way back to the mechanic who did the service 4 days ago. Help?


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