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Is Lucas transmission fix ok to use?

I have a 1996 Mercury Sable and the transmission is slipping in it. I know I will probably need a new one but I don't have the $$ for that now so I am trying to hold out as long as possible.

Someone suggested Lucas transmission fix (9.99 @ Autozone) to help reduce slipping.

Is it ok to use this? It will reduce slipping but would it speed up overall destruction?


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    When was the last time you had the tranny fluid changed? If it's been awhile, get it changed now. If that doesn't help it, ask the mechanic about it. D o NOT take it to a jiffy/quick lube place, take it to the dealership before those places.
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    I have had limited success with Lucas. My favorite is Trans-X. I think they fight the issue from opposite directions. Lucas will thicken your transmission's fluid while Trans-X will thin it out. What you want depends on whether you are fighting worn/glazed clutches, sticky valves, or leaking piston seals.

    In either case, these things are referred to as "MIRACLE IN A CAN" fixes. I would not expect either one to buy you a lot of time. As for a flush & fill, it might help, but I doubt it. Your tranny is probably on its way out.

    I posted for another reader a little while ago. He might be worth a shot for you too, but only if you're nearby. I've gotten some good parts there before.
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    The problem with using mechanic-in-a-bottle fixes is that they're not really fixes. At best they're a very temporary stopgap that only puts off for a short time the work that needs to be done anyway. At worst they cause more damage than you had originally, so your repair bill is that much higher when you finally get the car looked at.
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    Snake Oil
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    Already had it flushed and after it pretty much was the same. No better, No worse.

    I am pretty sure I need a tranny replacement and not a repair because its slipping a lot like when I pull away from a stop light ect.

    I was just trying to drive it as long as possible before getting that done.
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    Go to and do a search for Lucas. Interesting pictures.
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    From what you have said i would save your ten bucks and put it towards a rebuild and put your energy towards finding a good shop. Ask around or visit a few tranny shops and see if you can find a shop that is reliable and fair. If you take it to a general repair shop the chances are they are just going to send it out and mark your bill up a few bucks for their effort. Word of mouth is best but sometimes you just can't get a good referal and you need your car fixed quickly. Look for a good warrantee.
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    last resort but in all probablily will not work! I guess nothing to lose if a rebuild or rebuilt is in your future
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    I would stay away from those gooey additives. They do nothing but trash your cooler and make a mess out of the inside of your trans. If the trans is slipping that bad, its going to have to come out.

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