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Honda Odyssey motor mount problem



  • edited October 2010
    I just had my 2005 Odyssey with 68,000 miles diagnosed with 2 broken motor mounts. The dealer said they cost $500 each plus labor. The dealer stated it is a common problem with that year Odyssey. Luckily my extended warranty is covering the cost of the repair, but Honda should clearly recall the 2005 Odyssey for bad motor mounts. I have never had a problem with broken motor mounts on other Hondas or Toyotas I have owned, all with more miles.
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    Same story--a little higher mileage. I suspect however, that this has been going on for some time. We've had it in over and over for the vibration and noise up front and were told each time that nothing could be found. This from three different dealers (we leave home for the winter). Even bought the extended warranty on this vehicle and, conveniently, the problem was found just after the 120K warranty expired. Our estimates are $820 for the front and $710 for the rear. This car has been nothing but a headache and we are done!! No more Honda. Does anyone know how unsafe it is to continue to drive it until we decide what we want to trade for? Need to go back up north for the holidays. thanks
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    HOW MUCH??? They must be rather special mounts. I have to replace at least 2 of the 4 on my wife's 2004 Misubishi Eclipse GTS. If I buy good parts from Autozone, all 4 will be $350, from, $260, for the same parts. I don't know how much it would cost to install them, but it ought to take less than 3 hours of time. I am taking it to a renowned and inexpensive local shop to get an estimate and if it is too high I will do it myself; it is not a hard job.

    I have always bought Honda (2 Accords) or Toyota (4Runner, TC), then I let my wife buy an Eclipse ... granted, it had 75K on the clock when we bought it, but the shopping list so far is not good: replaced rusted rear catalytic converter assembly ($400, by self, improved model), replaced warped front rotors ($100, self, common eclipse problem), has a cracked dash (common eclipse problem), has a window problem with a Technical Service Bulletin (not recall? it is a manufacturing problem, will do by self from TSB), now needs motor mounts.

    I hate having a car that has to go in the shop, it is time and money.

    Fortunately, my car is a Scion TC with 100K on the clock; it has never been in the shop, except for normal service (and a wreck I had ... someone deposited a wheel on the highway, thereby taking out my bumpers and exhaust system). It is strange that when I compare the Eclipse to the TC, the TC's wheel wells, engine bay, and parts all look like new, while the Eclipse has rust in the engine bay, wear in the wells and obviously has not lasted as well as the TC; same mileage, same age. The TC's exhaust looks great (the parts that were not replaced on collision) while the Eclipse's exhaust is rusty.

    I digress.

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    We have a 2006 Odyssey with about 60,000 miles. Had two rear motor mounts replaced under warranty when the car had about 30,000 miles on it; now they're telling me a front motor mount needs to be replaced. No wrecks, no drag racing/aggressive driving (hello, it's a minivan). Hmmm.
  • edited December 2010
    Same story different day. 05 Odyssey. Broken back mount. The mounts are special since they were designed for the VCM engine that came out in 05. This is the cylinders that don't fire to save gas and such. I just paid $376.70 and that was only 40%. From what I have read most costs for this is $700. My 40% would only be $280. Why so high? If I had to pay the entire amount I would have paid $941. When they call that regional person I believe it isn't unthinkable to say that the company could have paid 100% and they still told me 40%. They would make $1076 then. How would the consumer know. Ah, but wait. I have a few tricks up my sleeve too. I have talked with the company and explained my displeasure with the company. Also, I have never received any recalls, TSBs or anything or I would have take this in when it was under warranty. This TSB 06-083 for the motor mount was issued on Dec. 1 2006. Why didn't I ever get one so I could have had it fixed under my warranty or had a better chance of a "Goodwill" of 100%? They don't want you to know. Just like Toyota they issue Service bulletins. A recall does not have to be done unless safety (which is the keyword for costing the company money) is involved or the DHTSA makes them. Other than that they don't have to let the consumer know. I will be taking this information to a legal person. Tired of getting the run around and taken advantage of especially in this economy. People are tired of this thing Honda. If you could be voted out we would do it. The Odyssey and Accord are assembled in Lincoln, AL. Many or most of the Toyotas are mfg. in Georgetown, KY. I toured the plant once. They all make great cars including Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge. The also make faulty ones. We allow "foreign" car makers, and that is where the money goes also, to get by with a lot more than we do our own people.
  • edited January 2011
    I'm scheduled to have 2 motor mounts replaced next week. This is the second time these mounts have broken on my 2006 Honda Odyssey. I believe Honda has a responsiblity to fix this on going problem if for nothing else than safety. My wife and I drive with our five (5( young children and hope nothing happens to endanger their lives as well as my wife and myself.

    What is Honda's response?
  • edited February 2011
    Yup, at 35K our 2006 touring odyssey started rumbling in eco mode. Yup, the motor mounts. Huh? All we haul is a dual bob stroller in the back cargo area and two toddlers in car seats, really? Ironically, all at the dealership were clueless and surprised by this new noise? Apparently all they had to do was do a visual inspection but instead I had to take it in twice for a drive with the tech waiting for the "noise" to be heard. Since then we have had to replace them 4 times. We are at 100K miles. Fortunately we bought the extended warrany and it has saved us big time. What a dissappointment in Honda though. Replaced numerous things, I think at this point they have a service bay reserved for this pampered and loved car. At least they finally admitted the brakes weren't right and recalled and repaired the master cylinder. My last car lasted over 250K and was nearly 25 years old and totally abused by me and well I know have spent more on the odyssey in the past 5 years than my previous "used" car. Some say that it's not their responsibility to after so many miles, yet the same problem keeps creeping up AND until it is a safety issue they will get away with the outrageous fees they are charging those without extended warranty. Also Honda sets the expectation of reliability, ask any Salesman about motormounts on the 2011 and I wonder if he will fess up. This odyssey was the first "new" car I ever bought and my first and last Honda. I'm going German again when we finally give up on our Odyssey, assuming we have any money left.
  • edited February 2011
    Went for oil change and Warranty-covered Recall for Master Cylinder replacement in my 2006 Odyssey EX. News to me that two motor mounts are broken (front and right side) and can be replaced for about $360 + tax. Along with the recommended 60,000 mile "Maintenance Minder", it would be twice that amt. I think I'll look into replacing them on my own, if I can get all the electronics and other parts out of the way.
    The Dodge Dart (really - I had a '75 Dodge Dart Sport) was so much easier to repair.
  • edited February 2011
    I've read through most of these..... Can I ask why most of you didn't buy an extended warranty on this van?

    I debated it for a millisecond when I bought my '06 Odyssey in 2007. $1200 for it and I've used $900 on it already with an major a/c problem.

    I can't believe all the complaining here about Honda "not offering a discount". Well, a lesson for you all anyway. A lesson for me here too......
  • edited February 2011
    I had the same issue with my 2006 Honda Odyssey after bringing it in for a brake master cylinder recall, the service manager notified me that 2 motor mounts needed to be replaced which would cost around $1500. He explains that it is a common issue with Odyssey vans and not part of regular maintenance, but they see it often. I asked why doesn't the company do something about it, he could not give me an answer. You can file your consumer complaint with NHTSA at this site:
    Maybe if we get enough complaints, the will force Honda to recall the van to get it fixed at their expense.
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