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Honda Odyssey motor mount problem



  • edited November 2009
    I have the 2005 Odyssey touring and have had every service performed from the same dealer since new. I have replaced a rear window shade, the radio and some trim under warranty. I purchased two sets of PAX tires (average 20K each set even with careful rotation on every oil service), updated navigation DVD, both rear shocks, a rear seat rail and the battery outside of warranty.

    The dealer couldn't care less about the absolutely horrible PAX wear and cost issues, and told me repeatedly that the car was specifically engineered for them and that it would be impossible to change to standard wheels and tires. So when the last set of tires couldn't pass State Safety Inspection at only 17K miles I went to the good message boards like this one and dePAX'ed with great success. Too bad it was only two months before getting the Class Action notification!

    Anyway, I recently had the 60K service done, and in this economic slump you would think they would be careful to do an extra good job to continue earning business. However, they missed simple things that I could see, like not topping off the radiator fluid, or replacing the radiator overflow bolt that had fallen out.

    My wife is now complaining more and more about shaking and noise when she carpools, so I took it to the dealer and got shocking news... ALL of the motor mounts (sides and both ACM mounts) have failed! The service manager said at least the Front, Rear and passenger Side mounts must be replaced while offering absolutely zero consideration for being a loyal customer. They want to charge me the full $1530 like it's nothing more than another 3 month oil change. Getting all four replaced as the Service Manager recommends will be another $182 - that's over $1700 bucks!

    How could all of the mounts possibly have gone bad so soon after the 60K service and warranty expiration when everyone knows these parts are prone to premature failure?! It's used 100% to haul kids around and get my wife to work. We have never done any towing. Could a normal residential speed bump or small drainage dip actually wear out and rip this motor from it's mounts? If so, the engineering quality on this vehicle is terribly inadequate and Honda is quickly damaging the reputation of their newer cars!

    I called Honda's Corporate Customer Support (they basically explain their process) and am asking my dealer's Service Manager to work with the District or Zone Manager to get goodwill warranty help. I have given this dealer nearly $60K for this car, it's accessories, parts and labor services. They need to do something substantial here or I'm personally finished dealing with Honda for good.
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    The Honda District manager responded to say they are not in a position to help my dealer reduce the price for these mounts, despite my perfect service record with the same dealer. They were also unwilling to explain why they all the engine mounts had failed so soon after the 60K inspection. Honda is a complete disappointment when it matters most. My loyalty is now gone completely.

    I strongly recommend anyone with the VCM mounts specifically have them inspected before the warranty expiration or before purchasing used, and insist they be replaced if there is any sign of wear or vibration noise when the ECO light comes on!
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    I have a 2001 Odyssey which has had three new motor mounts in the last year (between 100,000 and 125,000 miles.) The dealer and local mechanic have indicated that it is a common problem with the Odyssey but have no recommendations for preventing the reoccurance.

    I wonder if the problem is not a defect in design but user error. Most of us with Odysseys in my neighborhood spend our time ferrying various numbers (and weights) of children to various afterschool and weekend activities. Speed bumps (of varying degrees of severity) surround all of the venues for children's activties.

    Could it be that Honda simply didn't anticipate all the torque that 700 lbs of payload (think 6 middle school soccer players and their gear) generate going over multiple speed bumps in and out of a parking lot every day? Add to that the stop and go nature of carpools and seems like a serious misestimation.
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    I have the exact situation except my odyssey is a 2006 and all the motor mounts are shot. Estimated repair cost $1600. I dont understand how all of them have gone bad at once.
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    I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey Van and I too have been told that I have 4 cracked engine mounts. My van has less than 62,000 miles. Perhaps with all the national attention on the recalls with Toyota vehicles, now is the time to contact your state attorney's office to report this issue with Honda motor mounts and I bet that will draw Honda's attention.
  • edited March 2010
    After reading the discussion here I was motivated to try to figure out my 2000 Honda Odyssey suspected engine mount problem. Just happened to be dumping some used oil at the back of the auto parts store and thought I'd ask if they had any engine mounts available for me. Imagine that, they had a replacement part for one of the three mounts. It was the simple one to reach and see at the right side of the engine near the top. Got it home and then tested to see if that was the one broken using the tests described here. It was completely shot. My son and I had it replaced in an hour or two. Took a little finegling but really not to challenging. $50 and our clunk is gone. Next the CV joints which I'm told are probably shot from the engine mount being broke for so long. Wonder how long that mount was broke. I've got 185k miles on the van now.
  • edited April 2010
    I just went to my local Merchant's Tire store to have my tires rotated and wheels aligned on my '03 Odyssey. After they finished the work, I was told that the front and passenger's side motor mounts needed replacing. Since I replaced a motor mount on my now "deceased" (was totalled last Aug.) '91 accord, I feel I'm up for the task. The passenger side mount looks easy enough. But, I'm not as sure about the front mount. My Haynes manual implies that it's a simple process: 1)Remove the Upper Stud Nut; 2) Remove the 4 mount-to-chassis bolts; 3) Disconnect the vacuum hose from the bottom of the mount; 4) Raise the engine enough for the stud to clear the upper bracket and remove the bracket. Voila! Despite the apparent ease of this process I have some questions:
    1): From what location (under the car, front of the car, etc.) do you approach the front mount from? Looking down from the top, it's clear it can't do the work from that angle without removing some things.
    2): From whatever location you attack the problem, does anything need to be removed to gain access to the front mount?
    3): Other than removing the vacuum hose and re-attaching it to the new unit, does anything else need to be done during this step?
    4): My understanding when working with engine mounts is that you should only replace one mount at a time. Assuming that is a true statement, Is it possible to raise the engine enough for the stud to clear the upper bracket (as noted in step 4 above)?
    5): This probably should have been my first question. The Haynes book recommends supporting the engine with a floor jack (with a block of wood) at the engine oil pan. Has anyone done anything differently to disperse the weight?
    6): I checked out prices locally and on-line. Interestingly enough, my on-line Honda parts dealer has prices that are just about the same for the mounts as the after-market quotes I've been receiving. Any reason I shouldn't go with the Honda parts....other than the fact that I'm scratching my head over why these went only after 85K miles!
    7) Lastly, if you have other advice to give on this job, feel free to offer it up.
    Thanks in advance for your answers.
  • edited June 2010
    Ditto all of these comments. I'm sitting at my dealer as I write this with my 2005 Honda Odyssey with 55K miles. The motor mount next to the firewall is bad. $836 buck and 4 hours of my time. Gotta believe this is a problem with the design. If it wasn't, it would surely drive up Honda's "annual cost" calculations that they are so proud of.
  • edited June 2010
    opppsss...just got a phone call from the dealer, wehre my 2004 Odiseey is in for its 60,000 miles check.
    front engine mount is gone and side is cracked. i was quoted 437 for the fron and 174 for the side...
    i told them to wait...i want to make sure i cannot do this cheaply form a regular shop...has anybody had any experience about it??
    how about some fare pricing estimates?
    i always thought Honda was famous for its reliability...
  • edited June 2010
    Just learned that my '06 Odyssey with just about 70k miles on it has a bad rear motor mount. My local dealer wants to charge over $800 to replace just that one motor mount. Reporting from Tampa, FL.
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