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Dash reflection in windshield



  • edited June 2008
    I believe dashboard glare is something that is figured in when the car is designed and the engineers use care to prevent this from happening.
    The last thing they want is a rash of lawsuits due to glare caused accidents.
  • edited June 2008
    Dash Mat (custom order to fit your car) in a dark color best black
    sunglasses, must be polarized. you can get polarized clip ons.
  • edited June 2008

    It took me all of...perhaps 5 Google the words, "dashboard cover". Take a look at:

    There are a number of sites selling similar products, all of which are the probable solution for a vehicle with a badly designed dashboard.

    Google is your friend!
  • edited June 2008
    The problem is the light color of the dashboard. Get a dashboard cover that is a darker color.
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